We make birthday cards online

We make birthday cards online

Send birthday greetings online.

The Internet offers many ways to tinker birthday a matching birthday card online. Many templates for a child's birthday, the 50th anniversary or a special theme can be chosen by you and designed accordingly and edited.

To create a birthday card online

In Grusskartenfreunde.de you can navigate all this quite easily.

  1. In the left column for categories, first click birthday and then automatically to the pages with the birthday cards. You have a total of more than 14 pages of maps to choose from.
  2. Do you have a matching birthday card is found, then either click on an e-card and your card will be shipped as such, or click on a real postcard. This will open a new page and you can enter a text, choose the font size and font itself and find a suitable background for your text.
  3. In some birthday cards, it is possible to select a background music with the mouse or even to choose between different effects.
  4. If you have configured the card ready, then enter in the fields next to your name and a return address and of course a receiver.
  5. A preview box for your online map to find something underneath, allowing them to make a single click, if your birthday card is filled out properly and meets your expectations. If so, then simply press Submit and the birthday child will have your virtual greeting card soon in his mailbox.

Shipping and create such online birthday cards is usually free. Some providers but registration is required.

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