We make wedding newspaper with software

We make wedding newspaper with software

The hearts are in the newspaper?

  • A wedding newspaper can make creative and appealing with a simple word processing program. Especially if you do not have as much experience with software, incorporating into a single program is often worth more than jumping back and forth between different programs.
  • If you want to edit your images, however, you may need a separate image-editing program. A scanner is necessary if you want to add items that you do not have in digital form on the PC.

To make the wedding newspaper

  • For word processing, you can use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. If you do not have software for word processing, download OpenOffice down. The Writer is the word processor. Draw can get a photo editing program to fix them.
  • If you want to make image editing even better, is also downloads Gimp. All programs are free and the links lead to serious sources of supply.
  • Write the text for the wedding newspaper in the writing program. Familiarize yourself with the various functions for fonts, colors and page layout.
  • If you want to insert images you have in digital form, you can cut to size only in Gimp or Draw, paint or colorize, then save and copy with the right mouse button. Then go back to your word processor and paste the image with the right mouse button there a.
  • Size and position of the image can be either the mouse cursor change, or click the right mouse button on the image and use one of the options.

Editing a real photo with software

  • If you want to insert photos, images or, as in the picture, cut out hearts in the wedding newspaper, you need a scanner. Scan a the elements and save them.
  • Then open the file with your scan with the image editing program, cut to the images and edit them. Save again.
  • To digitize your images and you can then open, edit and save any type of appropriate software.
  • When you print the wedding newspaper copy shop, the conversion into a PDF file is recommended. Thus, nothing moves when the copy shop operators other software uses than you.
  • In case you make any PDF, save the file than Word 97/2000 / XP. Then has the extension doc and can be opened easily with other programs.
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