Weight from 500 euro note - Informative

Weight from 500 euro note - Informative

One million just drag away?

The 500 euro note - In Brief

The purple 500 euro note is quite rare to see in everyday life and is actually hardly needed for many everyday purchases. It shows on its face "modern architecture", a size of 160 mm × 82 mm was (is therefore greater than the other bills).

  • Since all Euro bills have a paper thickness of 0.10 mm and a basis weight of 85 g / m² (printed), the 500 is also the heaviest bill. It weighs 1.12g It can incidentally from the measurements ( Calculate area and multiplied by the weight per unit area) also calculate yourself.
  • You can test this value (at least approximately) by bringing a good letter balance on a bank or savings with customer service. Perhaps you can provide there (under supervision) once 10 500 bills at your disposal, then the weight measure. It should be 11 to 12 grams.

Weight of 1 million euros - an estimate

1 million euros - can be carried away as the? - A typical question of everyday life by the way.

  1. Those who deal with this issue once, will grab consequently to a denomination in 500 bills (even if in blackmail cases repeatedly of "small bills" is mentioned). But how much weight so bring a million really on the scale?
  2. Over 1 million euros - all you need 2000, the prestigious, large bills. This 2000 certificates have a weight of 2240 g, a little more than 2 kg - could be small and portable packaged so well carry away.
  3. Small part exchange with the small denomination: Take 10 euro bills. These have a weight of 0.72 g for their Million You need at least EUR 100 000 bills hit with a weight of 72 kilogram to book -. An interesting comparison!
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