Wellies spice - Tips and Ideas for a fancy design

Wellies spice - Tips and Ideas for a fancy design

Are you your wellies too boring, you can spice up your style.

This makes stylish rubber boots

  • A spice up your boots is possible by painting them in different colors with waterproof markers.
  • You can either just simply draw patterns on the material or even symbols (such as hearts, stars and crosses) or entire images (such as certain cartoon characters) Coat the rubber boots. Your imagination has no limits in the selection of the subject.
  • Just when you though opting for a more complicated picture, it makes sense if you do not immediately apply the theme about the boots, but first of all draw on a sheet of paper.
  • If you your work then did not like, so you are not directly ruined an entire pair of boots. Instead, you can simply superior in such a case, a different subject and this first sketch out on paper.

Pins to spice

  • At the upper part of the shaft of your wellies you can to spice up the design of your footwear also attach brooches.
  • It is important that you use buttons that are only closed on the back with a fine needle. Larger closures could be for you to feel uncomfortable and therefore push, rub or even pain correctly.
  • In addition, you should refrain secure the pins in the lower shoes. Otherwise, you run the risk that your rubber boots are leaking and water penetrates easily through the material at your feet. Thus, the footwear may indeed looks better, but is no longer appropriate to use - so what you have nothing.
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