What eat mice? - To feed them humanely

What eat mice?  - To feed them humanely

Cheese is no food for mice.

What should eat your rodent

  • Make sure when choosing the mice feed that the food does not contain colorful little pieces. In these extrudates are colored cereal by-products, which are added only to the eye of man.
  • Species-appropriate diet for mice consists of many tiny seeds such as millet, Glanzsaat, grass seed and shelled oats.
  • Whole peas and corn grains are too hard. Mice can not eat them. Therefore, they have nothing looking mouse chow.
  • Mice tend to be overweight. Choose a feed, which does not contain too many sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and other high-fat seeds.
  • Enter up to eat a teaspoon a day per mouse.
  • Provide your mice to always fresh hay. Although mice eat very little of it, it is important for digestion and for tooth abrasion.
  • To wear constantly renewable teeth and branches (fruit tree branches, willow, hazel, beech, maple) are important. Your animals are particularly pleased if still are fresh buds on it.
  • Succulent feed contains essential vitamins and should therefore be a day in small quantities on the feeding regime. Mice tastes differ greatly. You can, for example, dandelions, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, daisies, apple, banana, peppers, fennel, broccoli, beets, chamomile, and chickweed feed.

Small treats for mice

Of course you can and offer some variety to your mice.

  • To change your mice also enjoy making dried vegetables or dried herbs mixtures.
  • Sometimes, you may also offer other hard food. Good is a little piece of hard bread mixture, a raw noodle or a dog biscuit.
  • Animal protein is for young, sick, weak, pregnant and lactating mice important. You can also feed healthy adult animals it though. Good is dry cat food, cottage cheese, yogurt, boiled egg and sometimes even a mealworm. Give this but not more than twice a week.
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