What is high blood pressure?

What is high blood pressure?

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What is the blood pressure

  • Often you hear people talk about their suffering. What is this often gets to the ears is high blood pressure. But in order to understand what this is exactly, you have to know what blood pressure is and what it means for our body.
  • About five liters of blood must be pumped through our entire body, this is done by the heart.
  • The heart pumps the blood spurts in our body (with each heart beat a barrage), thus the blood does not flow in a uniform flow.
  • This means that the smallest and far away from the heart blood vessels can be supplied with blood, it needs pressure, this makes our hearts.
  • Blood pressure is the pressure that exists inside our vessels.
  • It can be measured and thus can also be determined whether the cardiovascular system to work properly.
  • It shall be determined with Two readings. The unit in which the pressure is measured, ie mmHg. This is millimeters of mercury.
  • The upper value is also called the systolic value. This corresponds to the pressure created in the tension and ejection phase of the left ventricle. It is the highest pressure created, and for a normal person this is about 120 mmHg.
  • The lower value is called the diastolic value. This is the lowest pressure in the relaxation and expansion phase. Healthy people have a value of about 80 to 85 mmHg.

High blood pressure and its consequences

  • High blood pressure is referred to in the art as hypertension.
  • In one hypertension, the pressure values ​​of the standard are advised, namely higher than normal. There are also low blood pressure, here are the values ​​will be lower.
  • People who suffer from hypertension, this is usually not noted as does high blood pressure hardly noticeable. But he can leave for an extended period serious consequences in our circulatory system and be life-threatening.
  • Especially in our fast-paced world, more and more people suffer from this disease.
  • Common causes include stress, lack of exercise and obesity. Unfortunately, more and more young people suffering from hypertension.
  • If you can control your blood pressure regularly, reduce the risk of not noticing hypertension. Hypertension can be treated very well and that you will protect you from serious damage to your organs today.
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