What program can I make magazine cover?

What program can I make magazine cover?

Professional Cover require a professional software. © Christian Evertsbusch / Pixelio

With these programs, you can make magazine cover

  • Of course, the question arises how professional you want to work. The professionals of the industry work almost exclusively with Adobe Indesign. This is a layout program that is intended to make layouts for magazine covers, flyers, brochures, etc.. Unfortunately, the program is very expensive, but well worth the money.
  • At cheaper or even free alternatives are lacking still. Scribus and VivaDesigner are two programs that will help with arrangements reasonably well if you familiarize yourself with its features. With which you can work better, try best by testing both programs extensively.
  • The use of an image editing software is theoretically a possibility, but only if you can work with layers for text and image, otherwise you will be getting massive problems in the design. Without planes every text and every image you add final and can not be moved.

Even online there is the possibility

In the network there is a generator of online delusion can be created with the fun layout.

  1. For a magazine cover you choose the left menu, select "newspaper Generator".
  2. Select one of the predefined images or upload their own. Fill in still other fields and then click "Create a newspaper." The final image is displayed. You can download, right-click and "save as" then.

What program you finally work is dependent on the use of the finished file. Are placed on the software accordingly very different claims. If you want to make a very simple layout, the variant with Office program may, however, be sufficient.

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