What use pond pump? - Information for small garden ponds

What use pond pump?  - Information for small garden ponds

What pond pump is the best depends on several factors.

What are the factors to consider when pond pump

  • What pond pump you use depends firstly on their capacity and on the other by the filter system and the particular installation. Most pumps are submerged, ie they are either in the pond filter or set directly into the pond. In addition, there are tube pumps and those which are set up dry. Traditional garden and Drainage pumps are not suitable for a pond.
  • Deposits in the entire line system may impede the flow of water over time. This effect is greater the smaller the tube diameter. Therefore, it is often convenient to choose a slightly larger pond pump.
  • When deciding which pump is now correct, you should also keep the power consumption in mind. A low consumption is particularly advisable when the filter pump, as they run the whole season.
  • For pure natural ponds without fish you should look at a more powerful pond pump with coarse dirt bag, also use a fine filter pad. Because in a natural pond live many microorganisms, which would then be sucked.
  • Filter pumps it is best to the bottom of the pond, here they can carry away dirt sinking most effective. In contrast, you should set up watercourse pumps rather increased, so they can not clog as quickly. Pond pumps are also very sensitive to calcium deposits, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

Pumps for small garden ponds

  • For smaller ponds are usually not a question which pump, but if ever a pump is required. For a smaller pond or Planted calibration without fish no pond pump is usually required. Corresponding marsh and aquatic plants here make for the clarification of the water. If however a pond pump is to be used, then goes a pump with low capacity completely.
  • A pond pump is required if a water feature, a stream, a filter system or a UV clarifier is to be operated. Fountains you should not operate in a small pond with fish, especially at high temperatures. For by the water feature, the temperature would increase in the pond and remove the oxygen content, which would certainly not get out fishing in the pond.
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