What you can do anything in Australia?

What you can do anything in Australia?

The skyline of Sydney attracted to visit the city.

Australia is not only a huge country, but an entire continent. What you can do here? - Actually, there is almost no restrictions. What actually constitutes then certainly depends on whether and where to live there as a local or limited as a tourist and backpacker time.

Australia has some secrets

In the travel brochures that you want to attract to the fifth continent, you will not read some things: Many parts of Australia are too dry and too hot. And to see in a vacation the whole country - there is anyway too big. You can see and do. But that costs money. Then there are the long journey and the vast distances in the country itself.

  • If you live in the open, it's not so easy to enjoy the evening. Here it is, for you, you get used to it or go elsewhere hin.Fliegen and Mosquitos there forever. Here it is, for you, get used to it or go somewhere else.
  • In addition, it is dark quickly, at least in northern Australia due to the proximity of the equator to 18/19 Clock. In the south of the continent, outdoor activities can enjoy better especially in the summer to 21 clock.

Canberra's Green Capital

  • Takes you to travel in the space Canberra, on meeting the 6000 German native speakers. Therefore, the need to abandon familiar in terms of culinary specialties. In addition spaetzle, sauerkraut and sourdough bread there are white sausage, Schwartau Extra apricot strudel and from the German bakery.
  • Stay here for a long time, you will find that the difference in climate is not so large. After all, there are four seasons, in winter sometimes frost. The snowy mountains of the mountain range Blue Mountains can be easily reached by car.
  • While you have to hit some snow precisely, the ride is not long into the countryside in Canberra. She's not in vain the name "bush capital". There are waiting cockatoos in the trees and kangaroos in the park.

What you can do

What you can do depends not least on of where or in what region you are in. In principle, you can make bathing in the sea on hiking / skiing in the mountains to the traversing deserts and tropical forests everything.

  • The most famous sights of the fifth continent apart partly a few thousand kilometers. Due to the vast distances are the ideal transport aircraft when the holiday time is limited. Airlines have set with special rate offers on tourist desires.
  • Down Under offers legendary rail links. The line connects the east coast of the Indian Pacific to the west coast. The journey from Perth to Sydney and lasts about 65 hours. Spacious, in just 24 hours, you can take the famous "Ghan" from Adelaide to Alice Springs.
  • Is known to the continent for the Outback (three quarters of Australia), the Great Barrier Reef (2000 km long) and Ayers Rock (sandstone cliffs). The main cities are Canberra (seat of government), Melbourne (city of sport and cultural capital), Perth (center of viticulture) and Sydney (Opera House). When you visit Down Under, you should plan at least three days to explore the city.

Tip: Make sure to visit the Sydney-a tour with the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. In the evening return trip, we pass under the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House through.

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