When Speedfight 2 Adjust the carburetor - Tips and Tricks

When Speedfight 2 Adjust the carburetor - Tips and Tricks

Adjusting the carburetor of your Speedfight 2 sounds more difficult than it actually is.

Informative for Speedfight 2 and good tools

  • From the factory, your Speedfight 2 should be set correctly. However, should you encounter problems because your scooter is malfunctioning, or occasionally at a higher speed runs rough, the cause lies with the carburetor. That's how to get around in an engine or exhaust tuning change not to adjusting the carburetor.
  • For this purpose, it is at the dealer or the Internet called "Tuning Set" for the carburetor. Such a tuning set includes several main nozzles having different diameters.

The adjustment of the carburetor

Before you proceed with the adjustment to it, you should, above all even know what a carburetor includes as a Peugeot Speedfight 2. Because even a false move can ensure that your Speedfight 2 will not boot.

  1. In order to reach the carburetor, you must remove the air filter together with the corresponding box first. The air filter unit is secured with two screws and attached to the carburetor. To remove this, use at best a ratchet with a nut size 10th
  2. You will then see the carburetor in front of you. At the bottom there is a black plastic housing in which is the gasoline. If you remove this now - could run out some gasoline - after you unscrew the two screws. Therefore, you may need to keep a wipe, etc..
  3. Directly above this fuel chamber sits the main jet and above the float with the corresponding needle. The main jet you can simply unscrew as a conventional screw to the left. For this, you do not need a special tool for with your fingers folded this best. However, should something go hard, you can just take a slotted screwdriver to help. Now you have the main jet in front of him.
  4. Now you need to test only different sized main jet. You should screw it again in each case, also attach the black plastic housing and the air filter. You should then start the Speedfight 2 and get something.
  5. This procedure can be repeated as often as desired. Is perfectly set the Speedfight 2 carburetor when the acceleration is smooth and the engine pulls strongly through to the final speed.
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