Window sweat in the winter - what you can do about it

Window sweat in the winter - what you can do about it

Sweating window in winter are annoying.

Sweaty Window arise frequently in winter because the windows do not insulate as well as the walls. The windows are thus very cold and moisture out of the room can condense it. Sweat the window. You can prevent this in several ways.

Prevent sweating window

  • If you know that it overnight is very cold in the winter, you should ensure that your windows can not cool down too much.
  • Therefore, do outdoor blinds or shutters that protect the window slightly.
  • Also Proper ventilation and good.
  • Best make before going to bed a forced ventilation, allow the moisture to escape from the premises.
  • Also in the morning, ventilate again and then begin to warm up immediately. To keep the air dry that it does not condense on the windows.
  • If you are during the day in your room, you should ventilate for about five to ten minutes, well it every few hours. Especially when you are with several people in the room, the ventilation is especially important because it emits humidity in breathing.

Clean the windows in the winter regularly

  • Sweating your windows despite the precautions in the winter, they should be cleaned regularly.
  • Unhealthy mold growth can only be prevented if you keep your windows dry.
  • Wipe them therefore in the winter morning and evening thoroughly with a dry swab from.
  • In particular, the lower portions of the window you should wipe because the condensation runs down and can settle there.
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