Windows security key - note value

Windows security key - note value

If something goes wrong on the tablet, helps the security key.

Windows on the tablet - a bit different

For several years, tablet PCs regarded as the pioneer iPad and all stragglers from other manufacturers to be extremely practical. They are handy, lightweight and usually work with apps that provide many useful functions. But who At length, a new tablet, often underestimated how different the same operation as compared to ordinary desktop PC. Thus, for example, tablets have no right keyboard but just a touch screen, where the user can call keys if necessary. Also, mouse and touchpad are a thing of the past - the Tablet everything runs across the screen. Since you also something accidentally pressed here quickly, Windows has become wary of the tablets that come with the operating system. And so there is the ominous security key.

The security key and how they work

  • Ctrl, Alt, and Delete - this key combination knows every user of Windows PCs too well. It is the combination that you should press when the PC hangs or is overloaded, because we arrive at a system screen, which proposes a inter alia, to open the Task Manager. This in turn can control what is currently on the computer in front of everything.
  • Now try many tablet users to apply this trick when the tablet hangs again. But once you have the three actions on the virtual keyboard chipped or at least tried, also come on the call, please press the security key to be pressed.
  • Now begins for many users the fumble, because the key is not so easy to find. If you are also looking, look after once within the power button. There you should find a small button which is well inside and is best to press with a thin, pointed object.

If you do this, you'll see that you get in this way the Task Manager. So you have found the security key and can take on your system influence.

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