Witch costumes themselves tinker - Manual

Witch costumes themselves tinker - Manual

Witch costumes are easy to put together yourself.

Together witch costumes themselves

If you want to compile witch costumes, you can do this of course with different tools.

  • In the event that you have a black long dress hanging in the closet, this is certainly a good way to use this as a costume. You may be able to dress a little spice by swinging orange mesh fabric around your hips and loosely tie together. Even scarier is the costume if you stick to the orange fabric a few plastic spiders.
  • If the dress has short sleeves, you can also put on a few black satin gloves or gloves made of lace.
  • If you do not have a black dress, you can alternatively also attract a black long skirt and a black blouse as a costume. Again, you can use the network fabric to aufzuh├╝bschen the costume. If you subsequently no longer need the skirt and blouse, you can cut off the skirt and the sleeves end in a zigzag shape.
  • Drag to match the costume also pointed shoes.

Matching accessories for the costume

To let the witch costumes more authentic, you definitely need a few useful items.

  • As a witch must not be missing the top hat. You can, for example, cardboard craft or cover with fabric. If this should be too expensive, you can also order such a hat low over the Internet or borrow a costume shop.
  • To make your witch costume is also detected guaranteed, you should still set a broom that you can carry with you.
  • If you plan to apply make-up, you should hang up bright makeup and black lipstick. You can emphasize your eyes with black eye shadow.
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