Without health insurance and income? - What alternatives do you have in an emergency

Without health insurance and income?  - What alternatives do you have in an emergency

Emergency treatment must be carried out without health insurance.

The insurance is compulsory by law for everyone. Who legally residing in Germany, may not be without health insurance. Member is a date not more sick insured in his previous private or public insurance.

No health insurance - Emergency treatment hedged

  • Thus, after the interruption of a complete insurance protection is achieved, must formerly insured to prove their assurance that they meet the requirements for liability insurance.
  • If you have work done by the employer. Freelancers and self-employed persons must comply with the reporting obligation itself.
  • However, if no insurance contributions paid, sets the KV from the general services. Numbers would thus not the sick insured persons only in the case of acute illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, or during pregnancy.
  • If the KV learns of a non-insurance - the latest in an emergency treatment that is the case - they will demand outstanding contributions plus late payment charge. Those who have no money, you have (can) pay nothing, then should still contact the responsible social welfare office. Retroactive claims will not take office. They remain for a long time (at consumer insolvency maximum duration 7 years) exist.
  • Medical aid not offer insured to the network of the Maltese migrants medicine as well as voluntary and free attending physicians.

How foreigners can take out health insurance without work in Germany?

Many foreigners from EU countries are in possession of the European Health Insurance Card. If you submit this to the doctor, you are, whether student or pensioner, medically treated.

  • Those who remain in Germany longer, can also be real member of a German health insurance if he has no job. This, however, you must meet certain rules.
  • Entitled to a statutory health insurance has an EU foreigners seeking work, as soon as he has been unemployed. Since 2011 also citizens of the new EU member states (Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic) can register as a jobseeker.
  • Who is entitled to receive social assistance, immediately entitled to health insurance. Come without insurance in a health insurance for social security office, governs the membership of the local sickness. It also handles all contributions.
  • Not only a EU citizen who intends to live permanently in Germany, has the ability to be insured by the social security office at a German health insurance. This applies to you and all citizens of the Federal Republic in the same way.

The only requirement is that you are in need of assistance within the meaning of the Social Code and thereby obtain the status of social welfare guardian. You must go to the welfare office.

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