Workplace regulation Humidity - Informative

Workplace regulation Humidity - Informative

Too much humidity is unpleasant.

The humidity can be a decisive factor in whether employees feel comfortable in an environment or feel the air is too dry or too wet.

What does the workplace regulations?

  • The workplace regulations describes the criteria jobs and environments where employees are engaged, must comply. Above all, it is about physical conditions of the environment, so for example, temperature, light, humidity, and existing roads.
  • The definitions are intended to help prevent work-related diseases and prevent health problems. In office workstations, it is certainly hard to imagine that these basic conditions could not be met. But at work in workshops, in cold rooms or large bakeries some limits can easily be exceeded.
  • Even the production of warm food in a kitchen, for example, lead to discomfort even in the summer because it is mostly again is much warmer in the kitchen than in the surroundings.
  • Therefore, employers should, according to the workplace ordinance shall take appropriate measures to protect their employees before they are subjected to stresses caused by high or low temperatures or inadequate humidity.

The rules for Humidity

  • Too low humidity may feel very uncomfortable as the dry heated air in the winter. This may result in drying of the mucous membranes in the nose and thus an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases because the mucous membranes can no longer perform its protective function.
  • Too much humidity but also uncomfortable. Here the body is unable to cool down sufficiently by sweating, since the discharged water no longer evaporates from the skin properly. Overheating and circulatory problems may result.
  • Therefore, the workplace ordinance regulates the allowable humidity, which varies depending on the prevailing temperature. Store at room temperature of 26 degrees about 55% moisture in the air are reasonable. At lower temperatures, the values ​​to be (z. B. 70% humidity at a temperature of 22 degrees) are allowed in accordance with the workplace ordinance also higher.
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