Yamaha PSR 640 - Notes

Yamaha PSR 640 - Notes

The keyboard is easy to use.

Features of the Yamaha PSR 640

The keyboard offers especially beginners a wide range of functions. The operation is simple and easy to understand for newbies music.

  • The Yamaha PSR 640 has 61 keys. A total of over 150 different rhythms are available in four variations. The keyboard also has polyphonic tones. The manufacturer has used here a 32-voice system.
  • The floppy disk drive, you can store your pieces and edit it later on your computer. You also have the possibility to record sound options. You can later run parallel to your game.
  • The sequencer with 16 tracks rounds out the sound of the Yamaha PSR 640. In addition, the keyboard has a number of connections for accessories.

The keyboard is not only suitable for beginners. Also, advanced music professionals will find lots of uses for a professional game.

Informative for Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR 640 is pretty well completed in numerous tests. The only drawback in the musical instrument is the floppy disk drive. It is called quite slow and noisy. Especially when retrieving the files the drive rattles noticeably. The keyboard can mimic a total of 700 musical instruments in different tones. Furthermore, functions such as applause available. Also gadgets like birds singing and the sound of machinegun are inevitable. The sound of the keyboard surpasses almost every expectation. The keyboard costs needed between 120,00 € 200,00 € and.

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